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Be Your Own Boss

Post created 2013-11-22 01:30pm by Gabe Koss.

Be Your Own Boss

I have been developing personal growth technique for a while. I've recently vocalized it to few people, some of whom found it to be a helpful tool to look at their own life strategies.

This is really a tactic for iteritave person growth and development.

Role 1: The Boss

The first goal it to become your own boss. This is a simple self guided leadersihp role where you actually listen to that little voice which, ultimately, knows what you should be doing in many situations.

This also means setting goals and expectations for yourself which are simultaneously realistic and challenging.

Role 2: The Employee

Next, you have to respect yourself as a boss. This means allowing yourself to submit to your better judgement. When your inner boss makes a suggestion or sets a goal evaluate that goal and work it into your life as appropriate.

Steer clear of Master/Slave

The Catch 22 for many people with this sort of self accountability strategy is falling into the rut of self abuse. When you fail at a goal you have set for yourself it is easy to beat yourself up. This gets in the way of everything and is rarely productive.

Instead of maintaining an abusive Master and Slave relationship with yourself try to take on the idealized versions of both roles.

Be the boss you've always wanted; be your ideal manager for yourself. Be challenging and hold yourself accountable but more importantly be a guide and a teacher to yourself. Be forgiving when you fail and reward yourself in a meaningful way when you succeed.

In the same vein, be the employee you'd want to hire. Respect the decisions and goals which your boss makes for yourself but don't be afraid to make your personal and emotional needs to the "boss" side of your decision making process so those can be taken into account as well.

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