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Ode to C

Post created 2013-11-27 22:26 by Unknown.

Just to be clear, I did not write this, but I think it is brilliant and want retain it for posterity.

# Ode to C
# [email protected] (Jon S. Stumpf)
# GTE Telecom Inc., Bothell, WA
# (computer, chuckle)
# 0x0d2C

May your signals all trap 
  May your references be bounded 
All memory aligned 
  Floats to ints rounded 

Remember ...

Non-zero is true 
    ++ adds one 
Arrays start with zero 
    and NULL is for none
For octal, use zero 
    0x means hex 
= will set 
    == means test
use -> for a pointer 
    a dot if its not 
? : is confusing 
    use them a lot
a.out is your program 
    there's no U in foobar 
and, char (*(*x())[])() is 
    a function returning a pointer 
    to an array of pointers 
    to functions returning char 

I original found this here.

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