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Mounting Nexus 7 Files on Crunchbang

Post created 2013-12-03 14:02 by Gabe Koss.

I have a Google Nexus 7 Gen 1 and I have struggled to get it mounted on my Crunbang Linux systems. The best solution I have found on this topic was from Crunchbang Forum user damo on this post.

I have not tried all the approaches outlined by damo but this approach allowed me to get files on to the tablet which I could then move around with Astro.

Install gphotofs

sudo apt-get install gphotofs

Create Mountpoint

mkdir ~/nexus7

Put the tablet in USB Debugging mode

On the tablet go to Settings > Developer options > USB Debugging and make sure this is enabled.

Choose Camera (PTP) connection option

On the tablet USB connection settings uncheck the MTP option in favor of the PTP setting.

Mount device

gphotofs ~/nexus7

Now you should be able to access the DCIM and Pictures directory of your tablet. You can put non-image files here and then retrieve them from your tablet filebrowser.

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