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View TCP Port Activity

Post created 2013-12-07 21:30 by Gabe Koss.

Here are a few tools to help you identify what your linux computer is doing on the network. See also iptraf and nethog.

Netstat & Ss

Get a list of listening ports with the -l flag.

netstat -lntup

netstat is being deprecated so if that doesn't work on a system you can try the ss package. ss stands for "socket statistics".

ss -lntup


lsof which has a wide range of other uses can be used to look at ipv4 network ports.

sudo lsof +M -i4

Scan self with Nmap

If this can give you very indepth information about what listening ports you have open on a system. Often this is a last resort to help identify suspicious ports.

sudo nmap -T Aggressive -A -v -p 1-65535


Fuser allows you to inspect out a specific port and protocol.

sudo fuser -v <port>/<tcp|udp>

The output is like:

$ sudo fuser -v 3143/tcp
             USER       PID  ACCESS COMMAND
3143/tcp:    db-user    2763 F....  apt-cacher

If you need to kill the found process run it again with -kv <port><protp>

sudo fuser -vk 3143/tcp
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