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Everything, Maybe Less -- Screen Print Exhibition on Display

Post created 2017-12-14 17:30 by Gabe Koss.

One of the most fun things I did all year was to take a screen printing class at the [Iskra Print Collective] located near my office in Burlington. I had seen the Iskra student shows for years at Maglienero and had always wanted to do take the class but kept missing the sign up.

This year I finally noticed the class sign up before it was too late and got in the door for the fall session. It was a great experience and I got to meet a lot of cool people and make a lot of cool stuff. Right now and until early January there is a show up at Maglienero including my work and others from my class.

The prints on display are from my final project titled Solanaceae - Magical Nightshades. The goal of the series was to explore some magical and symbolic designs involving plants from the Nightshade family.

Prints are for sale for $25 for each of the the Solanaceae series unframed, $50 framed. There is also an unframed set left ($100) and a framed set ($200). The sets are not discounted from the individual sales but they have been set aside and protected as an intact set of all four prints.

In addition to the Nightshade prints I also have a poster up of a Sea Dragon with the caption "Rise Thee Now" which is pretty badass. There are one or two of these available for $60.

At the Show

Atropa Belladonn -- Deadly Nightshade

Datura Stramonium -- Jimsonweed

Mandragora Officinarum -- Mandrake

Nicotiana Rustica -- Tobacco

Rise Thee Now

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