Nanoc Collections

These are notes about organizing a collection of some type of content (such as a blog) in nanoc.

This is in no way complete or definitive. Just some of my own notes.

Project: Image Loader

For the purpose of simplifying this example I'm going to create a simple image blog. Each image in the collection will be a simple markdown file containing only the following metadata:

title: Such doge
description: Wow. So doge. Very image.
kind: doge-pic

This is effectively the 'model' I am using to store the images. This does not take into account storing images on your site,

Set up your index page and content items

First create an index page for the collection in content/doge_blog.erb. Add a simple loop into this page like:

<% doges = @items.reject {|i| !(i[:kind] == 'doge-pic') } %>
<% doges.each do |doge| %>
  <div class="doge-pic">
    <img src="<%= doge[:source] %>" title="<%= doge[:title] %>" />
    <h2><%= doge[:title] %></h2>
    <p><%= doge[:description] %></p>
<% end %>

I'm going to host this at /doge_blog so I also create the directory contents/doge_blog and make some markdown files in it containing this sort of item meta data. Here is the contents of the /doge_blog directory.

-- ...

Update Rules Files

Add compilation rule to render index.

compile '/doge_blog/' do
 filter :erb
 layout 'default'

Also add a route definition which excludes items in the /doge_blog/* path if they are one of the image items. These could be easily managed seperately.

route '/doge_blog/*' do
  unless item[:kind] == "doge-pic"

Extend this simple collection with a slightly more interesting method for asynchronous loading to provide pagination of a sort.