Give a man a regex...
Blog Post — ... and he'll parse strings for a function ...

Blog Post — BottleMq -- Yesterdays Messaging Layer, Today. Your app blew up and you are starting to scale but how the hell are you going to keep up all those hot new components in sync? Say hello to BottleMqâ„¢!

Ode to C
Blog Post — A humorous poem devoted to the love of a language.

TEDx - Hack a banana, make a keyboard
Blog Post — Jay Silver gives an amazing TED talk impacting how we look at the world and technology.

Captain Haddock Insult Generator
Blog Post — When I was a kid I loved Tintin comics and so a little while back I made a Captain Haddock insult generator using the various curses the Captain utters through out the series.

Make your terminal vomit rainbows!
Blog Post — The title should be fairly self explanatory.

Why Computers are Straight up Magic
Blog Post — I see no functional difference between computer technology today and the magic of ancient sorcerers. Seriously.