Blog Post — BottleMq -- Yesterdays Messaging Layer, Today. Your app blew up and you are starting to scale but how the hell are you going to keep up all those hot new components in sync? Say hello to BottleMqâ„¢!

My Open Source Report Card
Blog Post — A cool site which creates an open source report card based on your public github activty.

Ode to C
Blog Post — A humorous poem devoted to the love of a language.

Innovation is overvalued. Maintenance often matters more. [External Link]
Blog Post — A compelling article by Andrew Russel published on describes the way our culture and economy value innovation over maintenance and explores why that might be dangerous.

TL;DR Legal
Blog Post — tl;dr Legal does an awesome job making the various open source licenses accessible and understandable.

Captain Haddock Insult Generator
Blog Post — When I was a kid I loved Tintin comics and so a little while back I made a Captain Haddock insult generator using the various curses the Captain utters through out the series.

Ann Finegan -- Solastalgia and its cure
Blog Post — Ann Finegan writes a wonderful article on the role of art in refinding the commons and our relationship with the environment.

Laurie Penny - Life-Hacks of the Poor and Aimless
Blog Post — This is an exceptionally important article by Laurie Penny. Confronting many of the self indulgent practices of the world and culture of today it is well worth the read.
Blog Post — I am a lover of ASCII art and text files in general. I love vim and writing in markdown and plaintext. You can bet I was excited when I stumbled across