Install Nokogori on Debian
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Load a Nanoc Collection Asynchronously
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Nanoc Collections
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Tiny Fibonacci in Ruby
Blog Post — An attempt at golfing generation of the fibonacci sequence.

SSH Port Forwarding with Ruby Net::SSH
Blog Post — A simple way that Ruby can be used to manage a reverse SSH tunnel for port forwarding.

Why I love Ruby Enumerable#inject
Blog Post — Rubys Enumerable class is one of the most powerful tools the language has to offer. In particular, I love the `Enumerable#inject` method.

Ruby String Interpolation Weirdness
Blog Post — Just a little bit of quirkyness around Ruby String interpolation I've noticed.

Benchmark inject() versus each_with_object()
Blog Post — A follow up look at the performance implications of using inject(), each() and each_with_object()

IANA Port information with Portly
Blog Post — Introduction to a lightweight data Gem I tossed up.

Introducing Snapi! Snapi-In API Generator
Blog Post — I created a Ruby Gem called Snapi which helps with dynamic API generation.

Simple Data Exchange with Ruby TCP Sockets
Blog Post — Create a simple TCP server and client with Ruby Sockets.

Unix Vs. Ruby -- Simple Tasks
Blog Post — An initial comparison between using native Ruby code versus shelling out to the system and using Unix utils.

Running Rspec from Vim
Blog Post — When working on Rspec tests for Ruby code it can be helpful to run your tests with finite control

Create an Array of Symbols with %i{} in Ruby 2
Blog Post — The helpful %i{} method can be used in Ruby 2 to return an array of strings as with %w{}.

Ruby-style data blob implemented in bash
Blog Post — A weird experiemnt in things that shouldn't be done.